From vibrant colours to vibrant ideas the Sophia Social Science exhibition 2014 , themed Wheels of Change was none like any other. From a staged protest depicting India’s struggle from slavery to freedom to a street play depicting our current state of affairs-the Exhibit had it all.Taking us on a journey covering all Humanitarian subjects ,we saw everything from History and Geography to Languages and Commerce.
From the History exhibits we learnt about the French Revolution, Mughal India and everything in between. Complete with 3D models of complex structures like the Taj Mahal and Buland Darwaza, these exhibits took us on a journey through time.
 The Economics students propagated Sustainable Development and methods of the same, by showing us how we can produce fuel from algae and maize to the workings of a windmill, the relevance of the topic was striking. Complete with presentations on Women who broke the Glass Ceiling, they brought out the feminist in all of us.
The Geography section explained the  topography and vegetation of India. They also had models of rock types and formations and In keeping with the times an entire section dedicated to rainwater harvesting.
The Languages department; which included English, Hindi and Kannada  had us all racking our grey cells with witty activities of word play , enactments of Shakespeare’s plays and videos and charts   of famous authors and poets of all languages. Complete with  a cultural dance and exhibit of India’s diverse culture , the performances were truly a treat to the eyes.
The Commerce section sought to give us an understanding of the real world, with presentations and videos explaining the Stock Market, Working of Multinational Companies and Foreign Direct Investments . We were also shown the Economic Development in India from 1947 till date.
Psychology students chose to handle their affairs in a different way, and presented sessions and talks to various age groups on relevant topics like Peer Pressure and Stress Management. Their practical solutions and approach evoked much praise from their audiences.
Elections and Voting was the general agenda of the Political Science students as we learnt the workings of the Indian Government.
The Sophia Social Science exhibition sought to prove that the knowledge of every aspect is required for the holistic development of an individual , that an understanding of our surroundings is essential in our understanding of the world and  through their creative and  informative models , charts and presentations, the students of Sophia did just that .