The school encourages various co-curricular activities, and the exhibit of club-products and studies is an important event of the school year. Students from Std. V-XII enroll themselves in one of the following clubs:

Commerce Club

The commerce club is one of the many activity clubs in Sophia. It serves as an interactive platform for the students to showcase their aptitude towards commerce and business-related activities. It is an interesting break from the mainstream academics of high school.

The events that are organised and executed during the club meetings helps us brace ourselves for the realities of the corporate world and poses as an example of the working of press managing & marketing, innovations, the stock market, etc. Of the various activities taking place at the commerce club, some of them are - crisis management, Dalal street (mock stock), business quizzes, and product launch.

These meetings also train the students for the abundance of commerce fests taking place in various schools throughout Bangalore!

Website Literary and Dramatics club

'Tis a club where we all enjoy
Reviewing books and drama ploys,
Discussing, debating and opining,
Spiritedly talking and never tiring!
We guarantee you entertaining times,
As we spurt forth creative lines.
Our underlying talents swell and surge,
"Dig out your innate talents", we urge.
For you and I can be poets and dramatists,
See if script-writing is what that fits
And we can showcase our talents on Club Day
And entertain friends, when we put up a play.
We're literary geniuses in our own right
Or would like to be one, with hopes bright.
This is our Literary and Dramatics Club, see
Welcome all. 'Tis a good place to be.


The Literary and Dramatics Club aims at bringing out the literary aptitude and acting talents in every student. Open discussions on books and theatre are held on a regular basis. At the end of the academic year we showcase our talents on Club Day by writing and enacting an original play.

In a growing world of technology-induced detachment, we feel it is all the more important to connect to our creative side.


It is said “Art is unnecessary like friendship, philosophy..... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”

The aim of the Art Club is to bring out the hidden, most often unexpressed, finer, abstract creativity lurking inside a person. It is not only important to discover quality; quality needs to be quantified also. We have organized activities that include origami, quilling, vase painting, etc. All these activities help bring to the fore the artistic sensibilities of members.

We intend to make this a fruitful, satisfying, beneficial and enjoyable experience for all members.


“Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.” -Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)

Science is the human effort to better understand the world around us. The science club at Sophia’s endeavors to do exactly this. Encompassing age groups from 11-18 we enjoy conducting practical experiments to demonstrate, prove and better understand theories taught in class. We also solve delightful puzzles and enjoy interesting debates on various topics

The aim of the club is to make science fun!

Dance Club

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place; it's to enjoy each step along the way. This is exactly what happens when dancers from standards V to XIIcome together over their common passion for dance. Spending time in the midst of others who love dance just as much is a truly enriching experience. The dance club allows its members to share their knowledge on different styles, and gain knowledge on others. Dance is and always has been an integral part of Sophia, and the club finds itself with no shortage of opportunities to showcase their talents.

Sports Club

In the Sports club, one of the main aims is to ensure that all members enjoy the game while learning and improving their skills at it. Members can choose the sport they wish to concentrate on-badminton, basketball, throwball or athletics, and find themselves with training available to them, as well as other students who are well accomplished in their fields. The skills, information and experiences that are garnered in this club are incomparable to anything else.

Scouts and Guides Club

A club available to Sophia studentsof standards V to VII is the training of Girl Guides. In accordance with the Girl Guides system in place around the world, members of the club are encouraged to develop physical fitness while receiving citizenship training and career preparation. Members also receive the opportunity to go on various nature camps to develop their skills.


For the ever inquisitive minds, the quiz club is the place to be. Every meeting subjects the members to a different set of quizzes, covering various topics and ensuring that something new is learnt with every answer. In order to spread the fun that comes with quizzes, the club organizes a competition of sorts were a new general knowledge question is asked every day, and all students of the school test their knowledge in submitting their answers.


Perhaps one of the most interesting clubs in school, the cooking club is a place where all food enthusiasts find their haven. From learning to make salads to sharing recipes with each other, amongst many other things, the cooking club ensures that no one leaves with without finding themselves salivating, with their mouths watering!


A wise man once stated, ‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’ Without a doubt, every member of the music club agrees wholeheartedly with this statement. A true love for music is what brings these people together every week, and they find themselves surrounded with people who share their sentiments perfectly. Through song and music-be it in the form of a choir or through the playing of instruments, the level of talent leaves everyone who witnesses them in action spellbound.