Mission Statement

Aims and Objectives of Sophia High School

General Statement:
To develop a sense of values which will enable one to make the right decisions in life. Spiritual and Moral Values:
1) Awareness of and belief in God and prayer.
2) Appreciation and gratitude towards the Creator.
3) Acceptance of oneself and others.
4) Honesty and truthfulness which entails courage to speak the truth and stand by one’s convictions.
5) Respect and tolerance for all religions.
6) Inner discipline.
7) Simplicity in attitude and demeanor.

Intellectual Values:
1) Quest for knowledge.
2) Ability to reason and think independently.
3) Taste for reading.
4) Discovery and development of one’s talents and abilities.
5) Good study habits and skills of learning.

Physical Goals:
1) Health and personal hygiene
2) Self-discipline and moderation
3) Determination and perseverance to do one’s best.
4) All round development

Social and Cultural Values:
1) Consideration for others
2) Respect for elders
3) Politeness and courtesy
4) Concern for the less fortunate
5) Dignity of all types of work
6) Patriotism
7) Civic responsibility
8) Knowledge and appreciation of culture
9) Healthy competition and spirit