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First Indian all girls choir to clear global exam

Yet another feather in the cap for Sophia High School when forty six students under the guidance of their music teacher Mr.Abishek Gnanaraj successfully cleared the Advanced level choral exam conducted by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in November making them the first all girl choir in India to have cleared this exam.

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English Elocution and Spell Bee Competition

The English Elocution and Spell Bee Competition
Cuvilly Section
2014 - 2015

The annual English Elocution and Spell Bee Competition was held on August 22nd, 2014.

English Elocution The finalists for the Elocution Competition were selected from around 600 students of all standards of Classes 5, 6 and 7. The selections were made after several preliminary elimination rounds held in the classes.

This year the selected candidates were given a choice of the works of three eminent poets to recite. The sixteen prize winning speakers were chosen by the judges for their articulation, and flair and fluency of recitation, in a keen and riveting contest among the participants.

Spell Bee Competition
The participants for the annual Spell Bee Competition were short-listed from all standards of Classes 5, 6 and 7. After several spirited rounds the Spell Bee champion was presented with the Rolling Trophy for the year.

Sophia Model United Nations

Sophia Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations. A summit for teens from across Bangalore with a profound passion for the collective resolution of social, humanitarian and global issues. SMUN is an endeavour to initiate awareness, invoke our moral conscience and build leaders, diplomats and more conscious citizens.

This year, SMUN welcomed over 200 individuals in four committees- the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Economic and Social Council, The United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council. Over three days, through intense deliberations and debates on current issues ranging from the Crimean Crisis to the Ebola outbreak, delegates from different schools, representing different countries in various committees learnt that every decision has enormous consequences and extensive repercussions. And therefore, along with substantial authority and power comes significant responsibility and accountability.

SMUN helps individuals develop the art of balancing reason and rhetoric, diplomacy and determination and intellect and imagination. It is our efforts to reinforce faith in the effectiveness of the United Nations and to strengthen our conviction in the inherent goodness of mankind and the hope, yet, in humanity.

Sophia Social Science exhibition 2014

From vibrant colours to vibrant ideas the Sophia Social Science exhibition 2014 , themed Wheels of Change was none like any other. From a staged protest depicting India’s struggle from slavery to freedom to a street play depicting our current state of affairs-the Exhibit had it all.Taking us on a journey covering all Humanitarian subjects ,we saw everything from History and Geography to Languages and Commerce.
From the History exhibits we learnt about the French Revolution, Mughal India and everything in between. Complete with 3D models of complex structures like the Taj Mahal and Buland Darwaza, these exhibits took us on a journey through time.


 The Economics students propagated Sustainable Development and methods of the same, by showing us how we can produce fuel from algae and maize to the workings of a windmill, the relevance of the topic was striking. Complete with presentations on Women who broke the Glass Ceiling, they brought out the feminist in all of us.
The Geography section explained the  topography and vegetation of India. They also had models of rock types and formations and In keeping with the times an entire section dedicated to rainwater harvesting.
The Languages department; which included English, Hindi and Kannada  had us all racking our grey cells with witty activities of word play , enactments of Shakespeare’s plays and videos and charts   of famous authors and poets of all languages. Complete with  a cultural dance and exhibit of India’s diverse culture , the performances were truly a treat to the eyes.
The Commerce section sought to give us an understanding of the real world, with presentations and videos explaining the Stock Market, Working of Multinational Companies and Foreign Direct Investments . We were also shown the Economic Development in India from 1947 till date.
Psychology students chose to handle their affairs in a different way, and presented sessions and talks to various age groups on relevant topics like Peer Pressure and Stress Management. Their practical solutions and approach evoked much praise from their audiences.
Elections and Voting was the general agenda of the Political Science students as we learnt the workings of the Indian Government.
The Sophia Social Science exhibition sought to prove that the knowledge of every aspect is required for the holistic development of an individual , that an understanding of our surroundings is essential in our understanding of the world and  through their creative and  informative models , charts and presentations, the students of Sophia did just that .


Stress is a part and parcel of our everyday life in everybody´s life.  We need to handle and deal with it gracefully. Thanks to Dr. Hegde for giving some useful stress buster, as we know that our minds are like a drunken monkeys, as our thoughts, emotions and feelings keep  oscillating.
The various effective ways of overcoming the stress that has been suggested by him were listening to music, meditation, prayer, yogasanas, pursuing hobbies and interest, sports, gardening, travelling etc.
As he correctly said our loved ones are core cause for our stress.   I followed this FIR after listening to Dr.Hegde and could free myself from the clutches of the demon called “STRESS”.
During his 2 hours talk, he quoted different quotations of Buddha, Vivekananda and different authors.
We, the teachers of Sophia  School were taken aback and speechless when he went on to narrate  with pictures  of his  professional experience as a doctor and  a  “STINT WITH DEATH”  as pilgrimage to Manasarovar.    He made us realize how lucky we are to have a good health and precious life.

Some of the “GOLDEN” quotations he quoted, worthy of following in our life to beat the stress.


Winning together!!

This was the assembly theme on the first day at Sophias. The assembly began with a prayer song followed by an intercessory prayer service. In the prayer service Notre Dame sisters our prayer foundation, teachers, students, parents, office staff, workers, masons, drivers all who play an important role in the smooth running of the school brought a symbol which represents themselves and the whole school prayed for their best intentions.

The prayer service was headed by principal Sr.Priscilla who urged the students to start their academic year with three important goals. The goals were learning to grow by winning together, creating an eco-friendly environment by conservation and the most important of all that is punctuality.

The students were welcomed with a new approach that is to learn to create a Win-Win situation and to do it together. Sr.Priscilla also briefed the children about the new initiative taken by the students to segregate waste, make compost and grow a garden in the school campus. Use and misuse of water and the importance of keeping their surroundings clean was also emphasised. This will not only help the children to learn gardening but will also help them to be responsible citizens.

Learning to win together is the best way to strengthen unity, responsibility and develop inner values among us and that is exactly what we strongly believe and stand for in Sophias. _Preena

What a way to begin a new academic year! Praise the Lord! Alleluia! After a long, two-month break, most of us trickled into the Sophia campus on May 28th, wondering what was in store for us – would the day be boring or interesting? After a happy reunion with our colleagues, we entered the hall to find a group of people getting their musical instruments in order. Wow! This is gonna be fun. As expected, we began by singing a number of hymns, in praise of God the Almighty. Believe me, we were not just singing, but dancing too. After that vigorous warm up, we were ready for some serious business.

The key speaker led us into some very interesting passages that opened our eyes to God’s goodness to mankind and God’s great love for us. Our ears opened up as the word of God seeped in and our entire being became radiant with God’s light. Reju (check) and the Sophia staff were once again ready to face the challenges of the academic year with a bang.

Galileo digital library

Galileo digital library is the world’s largest library. The digital library will be set up in our school, consisting of three wings. The left wing has 25 terminals set up for the students. Two students can use a terminal. The second wing will have 5 Terminals for the teachers and there will be another terminal for the slow learners. The teachers can monitor what the children are reading from their terminals.

Teachers and children can download any number of books and take it home for a pleasurable read. Animation is also available to aid slow learners for better understanding. The icing on the cake is the Touch Word translations into 11 languages that will help in language acquisition. The library also encompasses audio books to make children explore the world of words.

The library has a very wide range of books for all grades and subjects including journals for higher education. It also has spiritual books to imbibe good values among children.

This library has a tie up with 270 universities which provide many certificate courses of duration 5-7 weeks which include lectures from renowned resource persons.

Mr. Srinivas has been able to give us a succinct glimpse into the world of digital library rekindling our reading spirits.




“The strength of a team is each individual member.
 The strength of each member is the team”  - Phil Jackson

Working together for a mutual goal keeps families, teams, couples, groups, organization, communities, societies united and successful.

Bangalore,  30th May 2014 : It was no surprise that the teachers were NOT counting down the minutes to go home, for it was a day filled with enthusiasm, energy, fun, learning and excitement. It was the third day of the Teachers Orientation Seminar organized by the school management in order to prepare the teachers to the start of the hustle and bustle of the academic year 2014-2015.
Too often people (students, teaching and non-teaching staff) become competitive in an attempt to run the race, solve problems and many other day-to-day activities. The main reason impeding groups and societies working together in achieving their vision and goals is Competition among each other and or with other groups. WINNING TOGETHER helps towards achieving the set goal by identifying the tools and techniques, which shift the problem solving and team building process from competition to co-operation and collaboration, based on mutually accepted vision. We need to work towards setting aside our ego and believing that;
Coming together is beginning
Working together is progress
Winning together is success
Growing together is BLISS”

            We had the opportunity to have Mr. Mr.L Selvam George and his team from 5E Serpraise - A Comprehensive Human Resources Initiative, Strategy and Training Organization, who were our seminar facilitators. They primarily focused on”Power of Team-Work”. Mr. L Selvam George the founder of 5E Serpraise believes in constantly challenging himself and the initials of his name is an acronym for Learning-Sharing-Growing.
There was a rare phenomenon witnessed when all teachers behaved like students – talking, playing, singing, dancing, enjoying and making merry. Ah! What a sight to see the Teachers of Sophia so enthusiastic, energetic and Eveready to welcome their students. It was “Fun while you Learn” session and activities like team games, interactive sessions and self introspections helped the teachers correlate within their families and professional life and realize that Nothing is Impossible. Team spirit played a big part throughout the day and the teachers contributed their 100% to every activity including being present on time after breaks, skit planning and rehearsal, cheering for the team and last but not the least acknowledging that each one is important and special. For it is said, ”In order to be who you are, you must be willing to let go of who you think you are.”
Each teacher learnt a lot from the Orientation Seminar and are ready to welcome their students into the garden of Love and Service.

  • “Never witnessed a seminar so lively during my tenure with this school – Mrs. Shirley F
  • “A seminar which made each one of us get out of our seats . Fun while your learn” -Mrs.Tara M
  • “Team spirit played a big part. It was a wonderful fun day.” – Ms Heather K
  • “Unity and teamwork was in the air. Great to be associated with Sophia’s” – Mrs. Neelam M

T.E.A.M. Together Everyone can Achieve More  is what we aim to work towards here at Sophia.
“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible”                                                                                                   – St.Francis of Assisi

    • Miss Molly Marto

    A gift nonpareil

     We live today not in the digital, not in the physical, but in the kind of minestrone that our mind makes of the two. Education is no longer a pedagogic enterprise rather a synergy to bring the physical and the digital world in a way to develop and enhance diverse skills of the learners. Classrooms are conglomerate spaces where facilitators and learners collaborate, create and discover knowledge.
    Sophia truly believes in acquiring and imparting such preemptive knowledge about emerging technologies. The HCL Smart Boards installed in the classrooms is one such endeavor initiated by Sister Priscilla, to ensure that we have a say in the making of our future.
    A coalesce of audio, video and lecture medium, it has an array of adequate resources made available for all subjects be it mathematics, sciences, social sciences, accounts, languages or literature for classes ranging from 1 to 12.
    The interactive board with gargantuan information and topics, aid in making learning a more exciting and exhilarating experience. Interactive videos, ‘do it yourself’ experiments, questionnaires, quizzes, puzzles involves the learners in the learning process.
    Teachers were given training through live demonstrations for creating resources for their respective subjects as well as to access the customized resources available in accordance with the prescribed syllabus.
    The HCL Smart Board is really a smart tool that assists the teachers to conduct other co curricular activities such as yoga and physical education. This enables the learners to engage in pleasurable and fruitful pursuits even during their free time.
    This effort has become a huge hit among the students who find classroom sessions more fascinating. Some of them are adept in handling this user friendly tool.
    A small step in making learners independent and creative in this journey, nonetheless a giant leap to realize the objective of “Winning Together”.