Outreach Programme to Home of Hope

We, the students of class VIC, visited an Old Age Home and an orphanage. There we met the old and aged people who were forsaken by their children and families. It was truly heart breaking to see so many aged people deprived of the care and love of their families in their sunset years.

We, students, entertained them by performing a few dances for them. They enjoyed it. Some of them danced with us too! They seemed happy in our company.

We moved on to the orphanage which had quite a few children. We distributed biscuits, chocolates and clothes to them. We spent some time with the children.

As we left the place each one of us was very touched and moved by these experiences and pondered on the familial values we needed to reaffirm within ourselves. And, grateful for the warmth and love of our own families.

It was all in all an amazing and touching experience. At the end of the day, all of us had learnt a great lesson – Parents are a child's life, and a child is a parent's life, never let go of it. We are grateful to our Principal and teachers for having given us this opportunity that was truly enlightening.

- Sejal Vasudev, VIC

Outreach Programme - A Visit to an Old-Age Home

Our school conducts outreach programmes to sensitize the students to various social issues, and caring for the elderly and aged of our society is one such activity which helps us understand the needs and issues concerning senior citizens. Showing care and concern towards the elderly amongst us helps in moulding us into becoming more sensitive human beings, who, in turn, can understand and appreciate our own parents and other elderly members of our families. This programme helps us students to become more compassionate individuals and inculcates values that also makes us stronger to face any challenges that may come our way in the future.

We visited the Little Sisters of the Poor, an old age home on Hennur Road, as part of this programme. On reaching the Home we were led to the courtyard by one of the Sisters who briefly explained to us on how the institution started. We interacted with the elderly members of this home and put up an entertainment programme for them which they enjoyed. We had also taken biscuits and a variety of fruits which were distributed to them. We spent some time talking to them and they shared their sentiments and feelings with us. Soon it was time to leave and as we were leaving they told us to remember one thing above all, "Love your parents and respect them." We will definitely remember and embrace this message of theirs.

I express my gratitude to my principal Sr. Alpana and my class teacher Mrs. Lucy for this wonderful experience that helped us appreciate the needs of the elderly. These were special moments I would cherish throughout my life. We are all glad for this opportunity given us.

“Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world.”

It is in the very human nature to find peace within oneself through the deed of 'Giving to Others'. The most satisfaction and value lies when you can give to one when the resource is a scarcity to yourself. In Sophia, we inculcate the nature of helping the less fortunate through a program called the “Outreach”. We expose our children to a lesser known world to them. As part of this program, we schedule regular visits for grades 5 onward, to old age homes, orphanages, blind schools and so on. What we hope to achieve through this activity is to help our children understand that there is a world beyond the comfort of studying in a prestigious institution and the care of their family and homes that youngsters very often take for granted. That being the secondary goal, the primary one is to give as much as we can in our own little way to help these homes that have dedicated themselves to the care of the ones who are less fortunate. Students are asked to bring with them essential groceries or commodities which can be of use, or money is collected and donated to the respective homes. Service to others indeed is one of the principles of St.Julie, the founder of the Sisters of Notre Dame. We abide by this principle very strongly and try to do our bit through the Aloysia Program. The orphanage that we have taken under our wing for this Program is the Angel Home.

This program is a voluntary program that allows the ISC students of our school to participate in. Teachers of any grade are welcome to volunteer as well. This mainly entails in giving extra support and academic help that is required by children who live in an orphanage and need the assistance in coping with their school work. We provide them an environment where they can fearlessly address their doubts and gain clarity on subjects they find difficult in a school atmosphere, aiding them through audio/visual tools of teaching.

As part of the school’s initiative to reach out, the students of the school take part in various outreach programmes. Every class has the opportunity to engage with the members of the lesser fortunate sections of society, and give them much needed joy and support. Be it orphanages, old age homes, blind schools or halfway homes, much can be learnt from this programme. The school has now also begun outreach programmes for parents as well.

Class VIII A - Outreach Programme - Visit to "Little Sisters of the Poor"

The students of standard VIII Avisited the "Little Sisters of the Poor",old age home located on Hosur Road, on the 20th of October, 2013. The elderly residents of this home are under the care of a few dedicated nuns of the Order of the Little Sisters of the Poor. These elderly people were very friendly and we had a pleasant interaction with them. We were, however, deeply moved and distressed to hear some of their tragic stories. Our interaction with them left a deep impact on us.

We would like to thank Sr. Priscilla for giving us this opportunity to visit this old age home. It also brought to our consciousness that the elderly have a right to expect love, care and respect from the younger generation. This visit helped us reflect on how we ourselves treat our parents and the elderly. It was an introspective end to a wonderful day.

Class XA - Outreach Programme

Our visit to the FRIEND IN NEED SOCIETY, an old age home.
We, the students of Class XA visited an old age home named FRIEND IN NEED SOCIETY as part of our outreach programme this year. As the name suggests the aged residents of this home just need some friends to talk to, share their thoughts with, and give them company. Which is what we did…

We played games with the elderly residents and entertained them with dancing and singing which they seemed to enjoy. We spoke to them and listened when they shared their thoughts and this interaction pleased both them and us immensely. They wished us good luck for our upcoming exams. Then they entertained us by singing some songs and playing various instruments. It was an excellent day with wonderful performances by them, and we were left humbled and delighted with the love they showed us.

On the whole, it was a lovely day where each of us learned the values of kindness, courage, generosity and sharing, but most importantly we felt loved and blessed. To think that just a simple act of spending a day with these wonderful individuals should elicit so much love and blessings left us feeling humbled and gratified. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them and eagerly look forward to meeting them again soon.

XI Commerce/Arts

We, the students of Class XI, visited sthe MathruSchool for the Blind as part of our Outreach Programme. The impending visit caused much excitement and enthusiasm among us students, particularly since one of our former students, Chandana is visually challenged. She continues to be asource of great inspiration to us all.

When we visited the place we were taken aback by the simplicity and beauty of the place. We were also completely bowled over when we interacted with the students. They sang a few songs for us and we, too, sang for them. It is said that in the absence of any one of the senses the perception of the other senses become heightened. We clearly saw the truth of this statement as they performed for us.

We were taken around the school and to the classrooms to meet the students. Each one of us was moved in a strange, inexplicable way by what we saw. It was truly inspiring to see little children of the second standard read the braille letters easily and so fluently. We were so awed. We realized our good fortune and humbly thanked god for the gift of our eyes.

It was a day of rich experiences - one which we will never forget!

Response to Parent’s Outreach Programme

At first, we believed that we should participate in such an initiative for two reasons. One,being that we sincerely want to strengthen all endeavours undertaken to create a model environment for our children to learn and grow. The other reason was that we believe that our children watch us and emulate our actions later in life. We hope that is achieved by participating as a family in an act of ‘giving’.

After visiting the care homes, we realised that we received much more than we give. The experience for us was as enriching as it was enlightening. We came back conscious of the bounty of blessings that have been showered upon us. We are also humbled by the selflessness of the care givers. Their consistent, committed and gentle caring has made the world a better place for those who are suffering; but for the goodness of the caregivers, the plight of the children would have been terrible.

We wish tocontinue our association with the care homes.