The Principal (Sr. M. Priscilla, SND),
Sophia High School.

Dear Ma'am,
As I reflect on the two years I spent in Sophia High School, sweet memories come flooding back - of teachers and classmates, learning and laughter, exams and experiences, all reminders of that special time called "School days".
It is hard to put into words the lessons learned, not just from classes and curriculum but from all the moments that enabled me to walk into the future with confidence and hope. My most grateful thanks will always be to you ma'am and my beloved teachers Ms Sireesha, Ms Nisha, Ms Lali, Ms Gita Belliappa and all other teachers, to my sweet friends and to ma'am who wrote my exams.
Thank you ma'am, from the bottom of my heart for planting my feet securely in the direction of learning and life. These two years made my life fly in colours.
Thank you once again ma'am.

Yours sincerely,
Chandana C
2011-2013 batch